Treatment during the three days

Each parasite has its own biological cycle and consists of the development of a parasite throughout its different life stages from the beginning of its life until it reaches maturity Detoxant Review, reproduces and dies.

In the case of the intestinal parasites that we are dealing with, they can live in the host for up to ten years, as in the case of a single Tenia, or the whole life of the host, reproducing again and again, as in the case of the known ones. Pinworms or the Ascaris.

The cost of MMS is about 15-20 euros and is for life.
In the society in which we live we have lost contact with ancestral popular wisdom. One of the things we have forgotten is to follow the natural cycle of the Moon for many of our routines Detoxant Review, so it is important to start treatment during the three days of the full moon and continue the days of the waning Moon.

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